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What is Pitch & Roll Exactly?

My name is David Fourman. I created Pitch & Roll to tell stories. I am a                compulsive podcast listener. I love the medium. I also love to              write. So I thought: "Why not a serialized scripted sci-fi                  comedy in the form of a twelve minute podcast?" And after all,              who hasn't had that thought at some point?


             In truth there doesn't seem to exist anything resembling this              kind of show out there, and that may be for good reason.                    Nonetheless I thought I'd give it a try.               

Another podcast I cohost:

The Cast

Skyler Yuda

Skyler is a professional voice actor from Arizona that has been voicing                 video games, animation, commercials and more since 2011. He is             also High Lord of the Desert Elf Technorogues.




Tom Richards

Tom is a twenty-something teaching assistant living and working in the                 South of Wales, in the United Kingdom. He has been voice                   acting in an amateur capacity on-and-off for nearly three                  years, doing so for fun, mostly during his time at university               in England. He's fond of rugby, video games (His favourite                 being Dark Souls) and football (Soccer).



Melissa Medina

Melissa Medina is a professional Voice Actor based out of the Midwest who              may very well be some sort of voice-over robot. You can hear                voice in commercials, video games on every platform,                        animation, even documentaries on Netflix. She is also a                    professional klutz, watcher of movies, listener of podcasts,                drinker of wine, and is charmingly aggressive. 



Caitlin Brockell

Caitlin Brockell is an LA-based voice actor, singer, nerd, and                          pizza connoisseur. A native New Yorker, she received a B.F.A.              in Theatre from Hofstra University on Long Island. A true                  millennial, she also received a massive amount of student loan              debt with her diploma. It may seem like she was born to play                an angry space girl, but there is so much more she can do--                listen for yourself at


            Follow her on instagram @caitlinbrockellvo

            and twitter @caitlinbrockell!

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